Annual General Meeting

Documents about Annual General Meeting
Date Title Size Download
27/05/2019 Voting results of the Annual General Meeting on 24.05.2019 61.55 KB pdf
15/04/2019 Convening of the Annual General Meeting on 24.05.2019 42.67 KB pdf
15/04/2019 Explanations to the items on the agenda without resolution 56.22 KB pdf
15/04/2019 Report of the Supervisory Board 2018 18.55 KB pdf
15/04/2019 Proposal for the appropriation of profits 54.45 KB pdf
15/04/2019 Information on the number of shares and voting rights 54.70 KB pdf
15/04/2019 Further explanations on the rights of shareholders 68.56 KB pdf
15/04/2019 Form: Authorization and instructions to the Company's proxies 66.54 KB pdf